How Long Must My Property Sit Off Market Before DOM Starts at Zero?

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Expired Listings - Listings in an expired status can be copy/cloned and placed back on the market with Days on Market starting at zero.

Section 1.10 Expiration of Listings

Listings filed with the multiple listing service will automatically be removed from the compilation of current listings on the expiration date specified in the agreement, unless prior to that date the MLS receives notice that the listing has been extended or renewed. (Amended 11/01)


If notice of renewal or extension is received after the listing has been removed from the compilation of current listings, the extension or renewal will be published in the same manner as a new listing. Extensions and renewals of listings must be signed by the seller(s) and filed with the service. (Amended 11/01)

Withdrawn or Cancelled Listings - Listings in a withdrawn or cancelled status must sit off market for 30 days in order to be added as a new listing with DOM starting at zero.

Section 1.5 Withdrawal of Listing Prior to Expiration

Listings of property may be withdrawn from the multiple listing service by the listing broker before the expiration date of the listing agreement, provided notice is filed with the service, including a copy of the agreement between the seller and the listing broker which authorizes the withdrawal.


Sellers do not have the unilateral right to require an MLS to withdraw a listing without the listing broker’s concurrence. However, when a seller(s) can document that his exclusive relationship with the listing broker has been terminated, the multiple listing service may remove the listing at the request of the seller. (Adopted 11/96)

Listings that are canceled or withdrawn prior to the listing expiration date cannot be reentered with a new MLS number with the same brokerage, unless the listing has been in an off market status for over 30 days. Properties that are re-listed within 30 days by another brokerage office will obtain a new MLS number and automatically have the DOM reset to 0. Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) will reset after 90 days off market regardless of the office.

MLS Violations: Failure to follow procedures as outlined in this section is categorized as a “minor” MLS compliance violation and subject to $50 minimum fine as outlined in Section 7 and 7.1

Withdrawn or Cancelled Listings can also be placed Back on Market.

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